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Kamut Flour

We now have available Kamut Flour (Organic). Ideal for people who are sensitive to wheat even though it contains gluten. Kamut is not gluten free. It contains 0% fructose which makes it ideal for people who have fructose malabsorption. Australian grown.

Kamut - Characteristics:
The origin of Kamut is thought to have occurred contemporary with the free threshing tetraploid wheats, and is considered to be an ancient relative of modern durum wheats (R. Quinn pers. commun. 1995). Kamut kernels are twice the size of wheat kernels and are characterized by a distinctive hump shape. Results of yield comparisons between Kamut and hard red spring wheats are similar to the results observed in the comparisons between "the covered wheats" and other free threshing wheats. Kamut will out yield spring wheats when environmental stresses are experienced during the growing season, and yield equal to or lower in more ideal growing seasons. Kamut plant height reaches 127 cm with good to excellent straw strength.

The dough properties of Kamut are good as evidenced by excellent bread volumes and texture. Kamut grains are generally higher in protein when compared to wheat when grown under similar environments. Use it to make bread, cakes, muffins, cookies, pancakes, noodles or pasta. You can substitute Kamut in any recipe that requires flour. You will find you may need to add more water when making bread to obtain a stiff moist dough.
E.g. By Hand - 600 gm Kamut flour : 600ml warm water(250ml boiling water + 350ml cold water) everything else reamins the same.

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