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Simply No Knead December 2017


Simply No Knead

Recipe for christmas
Christmas Wreath

600gm No Knead Untreated White Bread Flour     
1 Tablespoon Simply No Knead Dry Yeast.   
2 Teaspoons salt                                                       
2 Teaspoons No Knead Natural Bread Improver
2 Tablespoons Vanillin sugar                                     

Flaked Almonds, Baker’s Icing, Red & Green Glace Cherries           
100gm Almond meal, 50gm soft brown sugar, 1 teaspoon nutmeg, 1 cup mixed fruit                                                                      


300mls of Warm milk
100gm butter
2 large eggs (lightly beaten)

Egg Glaze
1 egg beaten together with 1 tablespoon water

  1. Bring milk to the boil and add butter, put aside to cool to our normal bread making temperature

    2. Mix all the dry ingredients together in a large bowl, make a well. Add the beaten eggs and enough of the milk/butter mixture to make a stiff moist dough. Mix thoroughly.

    3.Cover the dough with CLING WRAP and allow the dough to double in size.

    4.  When doubled. Turn the dough out onto a well-floured board or flat bench and consolidate into a smooth dough, divide in half, cover this dough until you are ready to make the second wreath.

    5.Roll out the dough (about 15cm x 60cm – as for the Danish) Cut the dough in half lengthways.

    6. Spread half a cup of mixed fruit over one half leaving a 2cm border at the top, brush the border with egg glaze.

    7.  Roll up the dough like a long swiss roll.

    8.  On the second half of the dough spread almond meal, sprinkle with brown sugar and nutmeg, roll in lightly and roll the dough up like a long swiss roll.

    9.  Slide a large piece of glad bake under the two doughs and twist them together, form into a circle, glaze with egg and sprinkle with flaked almonds, press in lightly. Repeat this with the other half of the dough. Allow them to double.

    Wreath Ready to bake
    10. When doubled, place in a pre-heated oven, cover with foil after 15 minutes to prevent overbrowning then cook for a further 10-15minutes or until golden brown.

    11. Brush with glossy glaze and sprinkle with chopped red and green cherries, swirl on baker’s icing with your piping bottle.

     This will make 2 decorative and delicious centrepieces for your Christmas table.

    Electric- 220oC    Fan Forced- 200oC   Gas- 215oC

    A Christmas Wreath adds a great decorative display that tastes amazing around Christmastime!
    Christmas Wreath


Bread making tip

Can I freeze my bread?
Yes you can. We usually pre slice our bread before we freeze it. Wrap it in glad wrap or al-foil and then place it in a plastic bag, expel any excess air and tie off the bag.
The bread will keep for several weeks or even months in your freezer. When it thaws out it is remarkably fresh or ready for the toaster.

How do I freeze a Pizza dough?
We usually recommend that you roll out the dough into the pizza base, place it on baking paper, wrap in cling film inside a plastic bag. If freezing more than one pizza base place a piece of glad bake between each base. 
You can also par bake each base and freeze them in much the same way.

Sourdough Class 2017

Sourdough Class Group shot

 Bread Making Classes   

One lesson is all you need for the easiest, simplest and most fantastic way of making your own delicious and healthy home-made bread. Your initial Class Fee is $30.00 then you are eligible to attend more classes as a member for only $15.00 per class. Gift Vouchers available. Each class covers the Simply No Knead technique - simple, easy and helps you achieve great results to impress family & friends. Whether you make bread by hand or machine (including a thermo-mix) or you simply haven't made bread for a while, be inspired by some of these wonderful recipes and see just how easy they are to make.
2018 Classes will be posted online early in the new year. 
Book a place online on the website.
Or call 03 97860266 to book a place.


Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us at Simply No Knead Bread Making and word-of-mouth feedback is our main source of customers.  So if you like our service, we'd love it if you could take a moment to review your experience with us on WOMO.com.au - Word Of Mouth Online.

To review Simply No Knead Bread Making and share your experience with others, just click here:
It only takes a moment and we'd be so grateful.

If for some reason, you have not been totally satisfied with our service, please call or email us directly.  We would love the opportunity to rectify this.

Thank you very much for your help! 
Chris & Diana

We also enjoy your email or Facebook feedback:

Example much appreciated Diana.

I am from Sydney and recently came and bought a lot of flour whilst in Melbourne.

I just wanted to tell you how great the wholemeal flour is. I just made a loaf and the flavour and texture was fantastic.


Diana Creighton



Product News 

Our Sourdough Kit, classes and genearl assistance has resulted in many happy customers making just wonderful tasting sourdough breads. If you would like to learn how to make real sourdough bread it is quite easy with a little bit of patience and persistance required initially. We can get you on your way for under $20 and with 3 to 4 weeks you will be making the most fabulous tasting sourdough breads. If you are able attend one of sourdough classes in 2018. Our demonstartion will set you up and show you how simple the process is. So many people who have attended the classes have used the knowledge, tips and recipes to give them the confidence to make their own sourdough starter and bread. They love it! 

sourdough loaf Sourdough Loaf Rye sourdough Loaf
Sourdough loaf...a truly satisfying way to make delicious bread!

In Summary the Benefits to Sourdough Preparation:
Increases beneficial lactic acid
The longer rise time needed for sourdough increases the lactic acid and creates an ideal pH for the enzyme phytase. This enzyme breaks down phytates more effectively than in yeast breads. Sourdough rye has the least amount of phytates making it a healthier bread.
Predigestion of starches
The bacteria and yeast in the sourdough culture work to predigest the starches in the grains, thus making it more easily digestible to the consumer.
Breakdown of gluten
Here again, the longer soaking and rising times in the preparation of sourdough breaks the protein gluten into amino acids, making it more digestible.
The acetic acid which is produced along with lactic acid, helps preserve the bread by inhibiting the growth of mold.

Sourdough bread made with wild yeast, bacteria, and high quality bread flour is the oldest and most original form of leavened bread. It truly is an ancient art that is crafted in harmony with nature.

Shop online on the webiste: Email an order or call us on 0397860266

Click here to go to the Shopping Cart  Order online 

 NB: You can place orders on our website during our break over Christmas and we will start sending them out the week we return.



We supply a number of outlets across Melbourne, Geelong, Country Victoria, ACT and Tasmania. You will find them listed on our website. They will stock a range of our products with many happy to take orders for bulk goods not always available on the shelf. The outlets are either Independent Supermarkets -Leo's Fine Food & Wine, Ritchies IGA, Foodworks, Vallis IGA, Champions IGA, Health Food Stores or Fruit & Veg Merchants.
Feedback from one of the great people who take care of ordering our goods in Ritchies IGa East Bentleigh.

To whom it may concern,
I have been looking after Simply no Knead products, at East Bentleigh, for a number of years and find that a large number of customers specifically shop with us because we range these products. They are produced locally in Seaford and it is a family owned and operated business. I would encourage everyone to support Simply No Knead, as it is a great Australian product.
Stephanie Drayer
Cash Office-Ritchies IGA Supermarkets

You can have your goods delivered to your home, post office or place of work. We use Australia Post and they will deliver Australia Wide.  Order online soon or if you are in our area visit the shop. Check dates we are closed below.
Check our outlets near you on our website

seaford shop -closure dates IN 2017                                      

We are open Monday -Friday. We are closed on weekends and all Public holidays. We will always place a notice on our web home page plus in our shop regarding dates we may be closed.
The shop at 5 Cumberland Drive, Seaford will also be closed over Christmas & New Year:
Closed: Friday Dec 22 2017 until we reopen on Monday Jan 22nd 2018
   Merry Christmas and enjoy a safe and prosperous 2018.

simply no knead

Telephone: 03 9786 0266
Fax: 03 9786 1123 info@snk.com.au
or visit the Simply No Knead supplies shop at 5 Cumberland Drive, Seaford, Melbourne, Victoria. 3198

 Simply No Knead

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