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Organic White Spelt Flour.  Ideal for all your cooking needs. This low allergy high energy flour is organically grown. For those who are intolerant to wheat try spelt as an alternative. Whilst it is not gluten free many people who have an intolerance to normal wheat products have found they can use spelt flour for all their cooking needs. It is available in 2kg, 5kg, 10kg or 20kg for mail orders. 25kg pick up only from the shop.  [Certification: Austarlian Certified Organic Cert.No214 NASAA Certified Organic Processor2103P BFA No.P229 Certified Organic]

Basically any recipe can be used with ancient wheat flours.
Using a Bread Machine: Hints.

Spelt flour requires less mixing than normal baker’s flour as the glutins are weaker. Set the bread machine on the fastest setting as most failures are caused by the spelt over rising and then collapsing before the heat is high enough to kill the yeast.  You may need to adjust the flour to water ratio when using spelt in a bread machine. Weigh your flour accurately, 500gm white spelt flour : 335ml-345ml water. If your cooked loaf sinks in the middle it can be an indication of too much water cut back the water by 5ml -10ml to achieve a better end loaf. Option try 450gm flour : 300ml water.

NB: ORGANIC WHITE SPELT FLOUR : Colour - natural grain colour is normal. When using a bread machine use the basic or rapid bake cycle or for better results use the dough setting on your machine and bake your spelt bread in an oven.



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