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Spelt is by nature a whole food. The Spelt kernel carries all the vital nutritional components through to the miller, the baker to you. For those who are intolerant to wheat try spelt as an alternative. Whilst it is not gluten free many people who have an intolerance to normal wheat products have found they can use spelt flour for all their cooking needs.

Certified by Sustainable Farmers of Australia.
Broad acre Cereal Cropping Guidelines

  • No detectable chemical residues in harvested grain
  • No-till farming system
  • 100% Australian grown
  • No in-crop spraying with any herbicides, insecticides or fungicides
  • No stubble burning
  • Soil testing for nutrient levels and safe fertilisers (heavy metal free) used
  • Ancient wheat varieties selected for baking quality, flavour and human health benefits

The ancient wheats grown by Sustainable Farmers of Australia have not been breed or modernised in any way, they are in their original ancient form.
Our original forms of ancient wheats are prized by bakers for their baking qualities, flavour and colour.
Ancient wheats have a protein structure that is more easily digested than modern wheats and many sufferers of wheat intolerances and IBS symptoms are able to tolerate the Spelt and Khorasan/Kamut by Sustainable Farmers of Australia.


    Spelt Grain-Sustainable
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