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Rolled Spelt-Organic

Rolled spelt is a whole grain food that tastes slightly nuttier and sweeter than wheat, and is more digestible. You can prepare it for breakfast as porridge, for dinner in a quick, savory dish– or add to creamy soups and stews.

Spelt is an ancient grain which should not be confused with common bread wheat, rye, barley or oats, and is one of the three original wheat varieties from which modern day wheats are derived. Whilst a member of the same grain family, 

Spelt is an extremely popular grain in modern times, and its use has been growing over many years, as information about its value as a food source, and its ability to be tolerated by many people with wheat sensitivities becomes more widely known. Although Spelt contains gluten, it is much easier to digest than other wheat varieties, and may be suitable for people with wheat or gluten intolerances.

INGREDIENTS: Organic Spelt
ACO Cert No 214  NASAA Cert.Organic Processor2103P

Nutritional Information

Serving Size: Per/100g

Energy 1540kJ 1540kJ

Protein Min 12% Min 12%

Fat – total 2.5g

-saturated 0.3g

Carbohydrate- Total 69.5g

- Sugars 0.9g

Sodium 3.0mg

Cholesterol 0mg

Dietary Fibre 6.1g 

    Rolled Spelt Organic
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